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Members of the Kanawha County Delegation pose with WVEA President Dale Lee at the Delegate Assembly.






KCEA Newsletter and Website Awards

At the 2015 Delegate Assembly in April at the Charleston Marriott,  the KCEA newsletter Watch Along the Kanawha, and the KCEA web site both won top honors.

View the photos here.


     On May19, 2015, KCEA held the 4th Annual KCEA Classic at the Grand Prix Course at Southridge. The money raised and donated by sponsors will provide clothing/shoes for homeless students in our school system. KCEA will present a check to the Kanawha County Schools' fund for the clothing needs of homeless students.

     View the Tournament photos here


The PEIA Finance Board adopted measures to go into effect in July 2015. These included updates co-pay and deductible amounts. Read the complete list of changes here.


2015-2016 School Calendars

2015-2016 Calendar
2015-2016 Calendar Highlights
2015-2016 Year Round Calendar



     Interested in getting your National Board Certification? Do you need more information?  For candidates beginning the National Board Certification process in 2014Ė15, there are new guidelines you can view in this pdf file.

You can find an overview as well as additional information online about National Board Certification in West Virginia at this link.


Teacher payment for school vacancy interviews

7.3.   Classroom teachers who directly participate in making recommendations for filling classroom teaching positions pursuant to the options set forth in this policy for periods beyond his or her individual contract shall be compensated based on his or her daily rate of pay, prorated to an hourly rate.  The principal shall require that the participating teachers keep time sheets documenting the actual time spent on the recommendation process and shall verify that the time sheets are accurate before submitting them for payment.  In no event shall a teacher be entitled to payment for more than two hours per position.  However, if there are more than four qualified applicants for a single classroom teacher position who are selected for an interview by the hiring committee chair or single designee, the faculty senate members participating in the interviews may be compensated for an additional hour for actual time spent on the interview process for that position.



At the School Board meeting on December 1, 2014, Dr. Duerring indicated a policy change to eliminate 2-hour delays would be implemented. Now Kanawha schools will simply cancel school for a full day if they expect bad weather.

However, the 2014-2015 weather codes for Kanawha County Schools found on the KCS web site do not yet reflect this policy change.

School closings and delays can also be found here on the West Virginia Department of Education website.



2014-2015 School Calendars

2014-2015 Calendar
2014-2015 Calendar Highlights
2014-2015 Year Round Calendar
2014-2015 Year-Round Calendar Highlights



  • View the KCS 2014-2015 Salary Schedule (PDF format)

    • 200 Day Teacher Salary Schedule here

    • Complete Salary Schedule for all positions here


2014 KCEA Golf Fundraiser

The third annual KCEA Classic fundraiser to raise money for the clothing fund for homeless students was held at the Southridge Grand Prix on May 1, 2014.

 View the Slideshow photos


KCEA President Dinah Adkins presents Superintendent Dr. Ron Duerring with a $1500 check for the Student Clothing Fund at the August 2014 Board meeting.



Governor Tomblin vetoed the legislation intended to clarify the planning period statute. SB 477 passed both the House and Senate overwhelmingly. Read the WVEA response.




If you, or your legal dependant, are enrolled in classes, you are eligible for a KCEA Scholarship. Your dependant could receive a $500 scholarship toward his or her education. If you are enrolled in a class yourself, you may be eligible for a $250 scholarship to help offset the cost of your education.

Download the Application


History Teacher of the Year for West Virginia

Yvonne Martin, KCEA member and a teacher at Montrose Elementary in Kanawha County, was named the 2013 History Teacher of the Year for West Virginia.

Inaugurated in 2004, the National History Teacher of the Year Award promotes and celebrates the teaching of American history in classrooms across the United States. The award honors one exceptional K-12 teacher of American history from each of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, Department of Defense schools and US Territories.

Yvonne is a St. Albans resident and received a $1,000 honorarium. Montrose Elementary Schoolís library received a core archive of history books and educational materials from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Click here to read the full story.

KCEA Golf Fundraiser
May 2, 2013

The second annual KCEA fundraiser to raise money for the clothing fund for homeless students was held at the Southridge Grand Prix on May 2, 2013.  The 2013 KCEA Classic raised $1,070 which was donated at the Board of Education meeting in May.

2013 KCEA Classic Photos


Michael Hennessey is the Organizational Development Specialist for the WVEA's South Central Region. A graduate of Concord University, Michael previously worked in Nicholas County as a computer tech teacher and a special education teacher as well as football and wrestling coach.

Michael Hennessey will be visiting schools and attending Association meetings in the region, which includes the counties of  Kanawha, Boone, Logan, McDowell, Mingo and Wyoming. You can reach Michael at 1-800-642-8261 ext. 114.



     We encourage our members to be actively involved, and the Political Action Committee is a great place to start!  PAC committee members participate in campaigns for political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation.

Join the PAC Committee Today!


WVEAís Educator Forum Report

The report from the WVEA sponsored Educator Forums that were held throughout the state in November 2012 to discuss the recommendations from the Education and Efficiency Audit conducted by Public Works, LLC are available.

To download the 12 page PDF file, click here.


KCEA Miniature Golf Classic
May 3, 2012

Kanawha County Education Association's
 FUNdraiser activity to raise money for the clothing fund for homeless students in Kanawha county was a great success. Check out the photos here.

KCEA President Dinah Adkins presents Superintendent Duerring with a check for $650 from the KCEA Golf Classic at the May Board of Education meeting.


Safe and Supportive Schools Manual


Donít forget to check out the Policy 4373 Safe and Supportive Schools Electronic Manual for new resources related to Policy 4373. The electronic manual can be accessed by clicking here New resources are being added weekly.




$20 Dues Rebate After Graduation

During your first year of teaching and regular NEA membership, you'll be eligible to receive a rebate of $20 for each year you were a student member (up to four years). Visit www.nea.org and search on "Student Rebate" to download the rebate form.



What are your rights in a RIF or transfer? This flyer will give you a brief summary of your legal rights if you are RIFed or Transferred. This information provided as a service of the West Virginia Education Association.



5th Grade Teacher
Kanawha County Education Association

"Iím happy to be a part of a growing organization. WVEA is important to me because it provides security and advocacy for educators. Itís a great support system. "


Connect with other WVEA members from across the state:



Click here to read Superintendent Ron Duerring's Monthly Update on the topic of SOCIAL NETWORKING (March 2011).

Click here to read Superintendent Ron Duerring's Monthly Update on the topic of Lesson Plans and Data Collection (December 2010).


Members need to be aware of several policies that have been revised. They include:

G75 Employee Attendance Policy
J25 Student Behavior Policy
G25A Employee Discipline Policy
I02 Textbook Adoption
G67 Employee Safety Policy
J19 Student Attendance Policy
J32 Student Transfer Policy
C56 Student/Parent and Coaches Athletic Handbook
C57 Wellness Policy
G62 Administrative Selection
G82A Employee Identification Badges
G78A Overtime
I27A Student Assessment - Elementary
Click here to view all the Kanawha County School	Policies.


     Many educators still have questions over what
employees are required to have in their lesson plans.  Click here to read what is required.
     This document outlines procedures the OEPA will utilize in reviewing lesson plans during an on-site review.
     The Superintendent's Monthly Update from November 2012 also provides further clarification.


     Is it permissible for a teacher to provide a supply list to the students in their classroom?

     Read the decision from the West Virginia State Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Steven Paine by clicking here.


     The students of West Virginia are targeted for a variety of assessments required by federal and state regulations and policies.
     For more information about student assessment from the State Department of Education web site, click here.

If you have questions about any of these requirements, contact the WVEA Help Center at 1.866.568.WVEA (1.866.568.9832)


     We are working in a climate where any employee can be accused at any time of anything from sexual molestation to sexual harassment or abuse of a child. If you are accused, follow the steps outlined in this document.



The Dental/Vision plan provided for all regular employees includes:

Dental: Implant benefits are provided at a 50% co-pay level. The maximum dental benefit per person per school year is $1,250. Adult and dependent orthodontic maximum lifetime benefits per person are $1,500.

Vision: Annual examination benefit is $60. Single vision lenses and frames benefit is $120, bifocal is $138, trifocal is $150, and lenticular is $192. Lenses/frames benefits are limited to once in any 24 month period or as required by a change in prescription.

NEA Member Benefits
 NEA Active and some Retired members are eligible for free life insurance. Simply register your beneficiary by calling 1-800-637-4636. Click here for more information.
     ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS of the National Education Association: for 12 months, eligible NEW members are provided complimentary $15,000 of term life insurance. Click here for more information.



Keep abreast of what's happening in the Legislature as it affects teachers and education in West Virginia. Click here.

Speak out about issues that affect you! Contact your Legislators.


Becoming a member of the Kanawha County Education Association is easy! Simply fill out the online application form and join hundreds of other educators and education support professionals in a unified voice on the issues that affect education today.








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